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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I am now at 2,050 blog visits and 3,492 page views pretty cool. Yesterday was our middle school track meet the weather was absolutely miserable windy cold and to top it off it froze last night our neighbors field had his sprinklers on last night and there was frost where they hit. My mom had a cucumber get touched with frost also. I am finishing up last touches on my bedroom and bathroom they are both finished now. My next job is to go through the hall and go through the boxes of extras stuff...easier said then done.
I really enjoyed the felting class on the weekend I just wish I would get a little time to play with what I learned. It is quite fun easy to do but you must work dainty.
I may be going to Vancouver with my middle son and his school on Friday he wants me to go so I asked his teacher if there was room and she was going to get back to me. I really do not have time but it will be fun to spend time with him. Just think I can knit all the way down and all the way home! We stocked up on snacks for him so he will like that. Anyway I must run take care

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