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Monday, February 08, 2010

As you can tell we are loving our moment with the Torch.
The flu has been going through our home since the night we came home from visiting the Torch . NOT FUN!
Today I took our truck in to have it's oil changed so while that was happening Savannah and I went for a walk. Not a fast walk just a slower pace walk as neither of us was feeling well. We still did over 5km. Then this afternoon Sam and Dalton and I went for a walk up top with the dogs.
I am pretty sure I am not waking up my husband for work tonight. He is not well.
Our next Olympic project is God's eye's in Canadian colours and Olympic colours. I went outside this afternoon to cut the willows I am going to use. I am also volunteering at my youngest son's school for his outdoor Olympics. Was a great idea until this morning when I actually took the time to think about. I am going to be outside all afternoon....I don't do the cold well.
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