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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today started out a little chilly but still very mild for this time of year. I picked up my kids at lunch time and we headed off to a goat farm. The roads were perfect. The man has fifty babies this year he started kidding out at the beginning of January. I am so jealous this will be the first Spring in twenty years we will have no babies on our farm. How sad is that. I really do hate it. However on the silver lining side. I won't be freezing to death going out every two hours. Staggering from no sleep. I really do feel sorry for myself in the middle of the night. Our barn is quite horrible. Every year I dream of one day redoing it and we never do. It seems to be such a big step. So I guess it is better we have no babies. The only reason we are not having little ones is no boys no bucks and no rams.
The babies were so cute bouncing kicking up their heals. Jumping off their Mom's backs gosh they are so cute. Then they all start to run at full speed like on a race track. We really did enjoy our visit. The cold crept in as we were out in it for about an hour and a half. We all stood in front of the fire place when we came back home. Well it is time to shut the house down for the night. Have a good night
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