Thursday, February 18, 2010

The TV is going in the back ground most of the day. I have finished my bathroom. I like it could be because it is so clean. It will be very short lived but one can dream. I am over half way of finishing my scarf. That is my Olympic knitting. Then the next project is our Olympic scrap book.
My youngest went snow boarding today and his day was quite disappointing. The bindings were not working on his snow board and they would not change them. So he could hardly do it as the board kept falling off. I feel sorry for kids when they are so looking forward to something and it is a let down. He is so tired tonight and has a headache so he stayed home from hockey. It will be an early night for sure.
Last night it froze quite hard -6 this morning but the day was beautiful and sunny. This morning driving to the bus the sky was so blue no clouds were to be seen. The sun was shining on the snowy mountain it was so beautiful. Well I am off to bake some cookies. Have a good night.
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