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Saturday, February 06, 2010

The torch is coming

Yeah today the torch arrives in our town. We are looking forward to it. The kids are excited. I do think the excitement is because I have building them up for it. We are trying to decide where to park as I think a lot of the down town roads will be closed. I hope this week we get a whole dump of snow down where the Olympics are going to be. Mind you that may back fire because then the roads will be bad. Today after we get the chores done (it is only Sam and I home today) I think we will go for a walk up top and then a quick trip into town. Then I would like to make red and white cupcakes for the kids today. the only thing missing of our fun day will be Jordan. I so wish he was home. He played a game last night and he scored. I looked on the Internet and it said he scored the first goal unassisted. Then Jeremy played also in Golden and his team won too. So it is exciting for them.
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