Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here is a few photos of my finished bathroom. I don't mind the colour it is clean looking. That is of course if you pretend you do not see the fish food spilt all over the toilet from Sam feeding the fish last nigh. Fish food is so awful and smelly.
I have been finishing up so many projects. Yesterday I used the ball winder and did up a lot of fibre that I had put off. I have the most beautiful jet black, midnight black natural Alpaca. It is so soft. It was spun up in quite a thin yarn. I love it. My black male Alpaca is wonderful. A very gorgeous black and he is quite the character with the most wonderful personality. I don't have a huge amount of yarn but I am thinking of selling it. If anyone is interested you can let me know by comment and leave your email. I won't publish your email on the post. I hope to write more later I am off to a science fair.
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Gail said...

I love it Gig! Love the mirror. Wilbur is so cute! We definitely have to get together this summer.

Nickie said...

It looks great Gigi.