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Friday, February 05, 2010

What inspires you?
I have been taking the time to walk on the top levels on our property. Mainly just to keep an eye on thing. Take a look at the fence to see if any wild life has been around and just to show our presence on our property. We have been having coyotes hang around and yesterday on my walk there was one who I am hundred percent sure was trying to lure our dogs over to it. They sound high pitch, a tad bit hysterical, sneaky. I am always reminded of the old folk lore of the natives of the trickster... how how clever the coyote is. My inspiration has been in my walks is looks so beautiful up top. The moss is really standing out and there seems to be more. Or, is it because it is wet so the colour is stronger. It looks like we should have fairies, woodland Nymphs... (not sure if that is how you spell that), that go right along side of our sneaky coyotes. I am going to take more pictures again as I saw some very pretty spots today.
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