Thursday, April 15, 2010

Here is Sparkle looking after the little birds. Today was a beautiful day.
I woke up with the most amazing headache. I could not think it made me feel sick. I had to take medicine and it would not go away. I had to tell the kids I was going to lay back in bed and try to get the medicine to kick in. It took over an hour and half. I was sure I was not going to be able to drive the kids to the bus. Even after the head ache left all day I have been feeling the affects of it. It makes my eyes feel like they are burning now.
I did fit in a lovely walk with Nana. It has been a long time we did a 5 km walk. We did not go to fast as I did not want to shake my head.
There was only a half day of school today. I picked the kids up at eleven thirty then came home. I worked on cleaning up my deck. Then I worked on weeding grass out of the gravel and then a bit on my project. Tonight I went out to visit the animals gave then some grass that I picked. They sure do love the fresh grass.
The sheep are taming down and I can even pet a few of the goats now.
Tomorrow evening is loading for the auction. I am not sure who is going yet. I am hoping my sons will go for us.
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