Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This is going to be my next project. !!??
Today we did a quick trip to Kamloops we were really not there too long. My daughter just walked around dreaming of things she would like to buy for her home. She was admiring new bed sets, duvet and sheets. I saw some awesome things copper pots and cute garden ornaments. The day was dreary and damp. When I came home and went out to do chores I could here the river rushing by. So Sam and I walked down with Lulu to go check it out. It is swirling, rushing with dark muddy water that very much looked like Chocolate milk.
I am off to bed as soon as my daughter gets home from her soccer trip. She has had so much with soccer, plus her billet girls here for a week and then add her trip back East to PEI It makes me wonder how she is getting any school work done.
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