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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Waiting for Grain
Today Tanisha comes home from her school trip from PEI. I think she has had a lot of fun. She saw the Atlantic Ocean. She saw the spot where the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean join. Oh how I would love to see that. She saw the place of Ann of Green Gables.
It is a very cold morning here it was past -6. Good for work though.
Yesterday when I went to the mail under all the bills I had a nice surprise. A Key that leads me to another box and inside that box a wonderful gift from Freshisle Fibres (go check it out)
It is the most amazing yarn, wonderful self striping watermelon. And, oh my goodness it looks just like a watermelon when it is knit up. She carries some incredible yarn and fibre from the sheep of Manitoulin Island. All self dyed. Thank you so much Marian.
My mind is spinning onto my next project. This one involves windows, hinges and wood. Oh and china, grout and sore fingers. No it is not a bird cage at the moment. So I am off to have a productive day. Have a great and wonderful Saturday.
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freshisle said...

You are so welcome.

I am so jealous of your animals. Maybe someday I'll have my own!