Monday, September 12, 2011

Good Morning
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Tombstone Livestock said...

Well much better to have mice outside in the bushes than in your vehicle or house went to town 2 weeks ago and left bag of dog food in front seat of the truck until that evening, went to feed the dogs and as I reached for the bag a mouse ran across the seat of the truck. I keep a nice supply of sticky traps so put one on each side of the floor of the truck and within 5 minutes caught one, left the traps ended up catching 3 in there. Since then I have caught 10 in the house, been an abundant year here for mice. I found one hole next to water pipe and plugged it with can of expanding foam. Of course I could be importing them in the semi-truck and trailer loads of hay. Mice can wiggle their way in a hole as big around as a number 2 pencil.