Friday, November 03, 2006

Crazy weather
First we get wind howling wind, then we get up to -13, then we get snow, then we get more snow and then we get rain... All within the week and I will tell you all that adds up to one thing MUD. Mud that is tramped through my house mud that makes my sheep and Angora goats look horrible.
I am a very scared winter driver I had my son's shop class putting on my winter tires just in time for when I picked up the van and it was snowing pretty good. All the way home I got a throbbing headache just from stress it is horrible to be a scared driver it really puts a damper on things.
I am working on two projects one is a poncho made out of Angora it may be a project in progress as I am sure I will have to stop and spin in between. Another one is a poncho to make for my niece for her to give somebody for Christmas. So I must not be slow and get straight to that one.
Last night I got out of hockey duty I sent my oldest son with the neighbors I had to stay home and clean my kids room with me gone every night, every weekend and working outside or in town during the day one can get behind real fast. However I won their rooms are clean, cupboard's cleaned out toys put away. I really like my house clean there is nothing nicer than waking up and walking through a clean house. Well off to find coffee with my mom and dad.

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