Sunday, November 05, 2006

I am finished my vest YEAH it is not too hard to make but it is the next step to making something one can wear. It is very exciting to finish a project it is a great feeling. However I wonder if I wear it out to the barn if my Ram will notice...
The joys of being a hockey family we have been running crazy all weekend I am just waiting on kids to get ready then off we go again. Yesterday we were up by 5am and not home again with hockey all finished until after 10 pm. This weeks we had 21 ice times and 12 of those games most of them 1 1/2 long with an hour before to be there.
So I am onto a good start with my new Poncho it is hard to come up with colours. I love colour it is so fun to match it up but it does consume a lot of time. I am hoping my wire arrives this week for my cages so I can get those built up before it gets too cold. Anyways must run the ice is calling us. Have a Wonderful day


Anonymous said...

Wahoo!!It's Me getting something special!! I just Know It!! How many nieces do you have who have mothers that are articulte enough to tell their girls what they want! It is between Me Nd Erica and maybe Gabrielle but them you would have said great neice. And then again ther are Al's family BUT IT HAS TO BE ME!!!
Love Sal
Unless they wanted it for Heide of Lisa or Deenie or ... but NO IT is for ME!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good morning=) My mom must have been writing that note with my little brother on her lap! It looks like she had 10 other things going on when writing that. I don't think she read it before she submitted the letter!
Who is getting your next creation? You didn't say.
Have a happy Friday, yeah, it's a long weekend!!
Love Mandy