Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Finished all finished. The last of my cages are built I finished the last two today in a terrible windy wet cold storm. So I now have to figure out how I am going to hang them but no rush I can do that in snow. I actually just wish someone else would do it for me but I do believe it will be me hanging them. The total cages it gives me is 28 - 30 new cages I just hope after all that work I can hang them like I want to.
Yesterday was a sad day we lost our little Yorkshire Terrier dog "TY" he was only 5 years old sometimes one wonders why we have pets when it so hard when they die. I also lost a little Angora kid the weather is so hard on them all this rain then freezing and every year it seems to be the same. I wish you could see the rain right now it is just crazy outside I hope it is filling up every pond every lake and well. This type of rain is quite amazing for us we may get one or two good storms a year but we are getting a good batch of rain this last month. Well I must get supper ready Hockey picture night tonight it is crazy we must be absolutely on time, if we are even a minute late they do not wait and you miss the team picture. For someone with one or two children no big deal just go for your time have a photo and leave but for larger families we are there the whole time and they don't want you hanging the around the arena but where do we go...

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Anonymous said...


Sorry about the previous typos. they just happen somtimes.
I would have liked to see pictures of the rain.
I am busy ordering on line for Christmas as the selection is much better than what Tumbler Ridge is offering. Especially considering I boycott the only department store in town.
It snowed lots again last night. It seems like it snows every day. Mind you today is a gorgous sunny day with blue sky and a frosty -16.
We will do something in the sun for a bit of light therapy.
I have to send out invitations for my food party. It is called Epicure. I will have food tasting and wine and women. There will be a chocolate fondue, artichoke and garlic dip and lots of other stuff. KTM is hiding in the closet w/ my wallet. Very agressively removing all contents shouting NO! when I tell him to put it back.
Love to y'all.