Thursday, November 09, 2006

Last night I went to my middles son's band concert it was quite good it is amazing how just under 2 months they can play songs. The middle school has an amazing turn out of parents there must be 300 or so guests. I think the band teacher mentioned around 177 ( not quite sure now) students are in the grade 7 and 8 band. My son was really sweet I could actually see him through the crowd and he kept smiling at me, the whole evening I was waiting on him to bail but he did just fine.
Today parent teacher interviews, packing for my boys tournament and I finally received my wire now to build cages. There has not been too much knitting going on my last few times in the arena I have been busy or had to sit through a meeting because the boys on the team can't get along and at another meeting I had to sit politely and listen to the teacher and at the concert I thought it would be rude. The one meeting is about my oldest son going to Quebec on a French class exchange so I thought I had better write down a few notes so I would remember to tell my husband all about it and my son goes mom don't write you'll embarrass me. So at the hockey meeting I did not knit so I would not embarrass him and he goes later "Oh it would make no difference to me (if I knit) I don't care no big deal " Sometimes I just can't win. Well off to start the day have a Good One

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