Saturday, November 11, 2006

I have been building cages like crazy. Yes! My wire has finally arrived and my hands are rough cut up and blistered not very lady like at all. I was pretty brutal at first I wrecked so many clips on the wire and I finally was getting the hang of it and then I had to go to hockey. So I hope to get another one finished tomorrow but I actually don't think I will get time until Tuesday and then I bet there will snow. I have done very little spinning but more in the knitting department. I will update more later must go and put wood on the fire. Have a Good Night

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Laura said...

Good morning! Are your new cages for rabbits? I am so far behind on my blog reading.

I don't know how you can stand it when your son gets so beat up playing hockey. Double vision!! That would scare me too much. But I really don't know what we could do to stop them from doing these things.

Lovely photos of the new snow. I need to go back farther and see if you showed pictures of your angora with sparkle! And the new vest!

Have a great week. :)