Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rain, rain, rain, snow and more rain!

Our weather is very crazy you never know what you will wake up to in the morning. My husband is a Logging truck driver and he is driving with three sets of chains on and yet the loggers beside them had been shut down for too much rain and mud. Go figure. I took advantage of the no frost today and went and dug a tunnel under the fence from my Alpaca pen all the water runs in their direction so I had to go dig or buy them a boat. I try to analyze the Alpaca girls to see if them have been bred but I still can not notice they look a little fuller but then their coats have grown on them. I guess come April and may I will find out.
I few posts back I wrote about taking the scenic route not bad luck well we definitively take the scenic route yesterday we were told our book keeper was coming from Kamloops for 4:0 clock so fine. It means a lot of shuffling, now for most people no big deal for us bid deal. First arrange a pick up for the kids at the bus stop, then arrange for my husband to get home on time which in turns totally screws up his day and the people he hauls for and then add a broken hose, no air, flat tire, tire repair man in a meeting, cell phone breaking down etc (that was just his day) My oldest son had to make arrangements to go from dry land training to some peoples house who only just met us, get picked up fed supper try to do his homework get taken to the arena and stay in town until 9:30pm. My middle son had to eat supper at 4pm arrange for my dad to go take him to hockey and then we would pick him up. I could go on with this but you get the picture. So the book keeper does not show and then at 6:30 I get a phone call that the book keeper might come on Tuesday, no phone call no e-mail or fax and yet I talked with them last week. Welcome to our world we do quite fine with our life it is silly stuff like that, that screws us up. So we get to do it all again to day and all of this just to tell us how much we have to pay the government.
I have sewn together the poncho for my niece to give as a gift but I am a little worried it might be too long so I am going to wash it in hot water and give it a little felt job wish me luck. Worse case is she has to buy something else for her gift and me I get a new Poncho. It looks quite nice I won't post a picture until it is finished.
Well I must run off to parent teacher interviews but first a shower because I smell like the barn. Have a wonderful day.


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NO ... here is a better idea!!! Deduct a substantial amount from their bill when you pay them, just for all your inconvenience. They over charge anyway.