Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I consider myself quite clever I can multi task as good as any one actually I can do it better I can get so much done in a day I can spin knit sew etc. However did you know I can not brush my teeth and comb my hair at the same time no matter how many times a try switching hands also I cannot brush my teeth and clean the bathroom. When I brush my teeth that's it! That is all I can do... Very frustrating. I just thought you might want to know that.
The Poncho is finished it is outside drying when most of the water is off it I will bring it in and lay it out to get it's shape. I just hope the dogs don't find it first. Now to start the next project.
I am feeling quite Christmasy (not sure if that is a word but that is how I am feeling)my oldest daughter put the bows up the driveway we have the back door step decorated it looks really pretty. Our Christmas scene is up in the kitchen which I will post later. Yes, I know it is a little early so I decided to join our neighbors in the USA because they are starting their holiday season very soon so I too am decorating:) well must go pick up my daughter from a birthday party talk to you all soon.

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