Saturday, March 20, 2010

A busy weekend for the first of Spring. I so wanted to make something cool but instead farm work was calling . Ahh but the weekend is not over yet. And my pond is up and running.

Today was one busy day. We fixed a fence, we moved hay, we raked and we cleaned the barn. Then I worked on the pond and cleaned it out then refilled. Dalton and I were trying rearrange rocks to make the water flow through. We finally quit at six thirty because we could not move anymore, our backs were so sore. So it was a hot bath and now bed. It truly is amazing how much work there is to do here. I like to think I am winning but I am truly beginning to believe there is no winning...
Well I am off to bed tomorrow is another day that is waiting for me. I would like to make something for the first of Spring out of my drift wood and shells. The ones I brought back form Campbell River. Have a wonderful sleep. Think Spring

PS Dalton and I heard some lovely Spring birds today. All they made you do was smile. Actually come to think about was a wonderful day
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