Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Waiting in the house for the lunch hour in case my kids need or call me. Yesterday I had to go pick up two of them. Today I have one at home who really needed a break. The reason being he has gone to school for a whole month with out missing a day...oh... that is if we don't count the week off for Spring break. I have been over at the barn cleaning, raking, piling, moving hay. I do believe I am winning. I wish I could wave a magic wand and it all be done everything I need doing. I can only do so much. I need to hire a man who loves to work and has some machinery to get things done. There is so much work on acreage.
While I waiting in the house I baking chocolate cupcakes for the kids for school. Sam also says he needs chocolate icing.
No work again today but they are going to give it a go tonight. It is suppose to drop to -2 so cross your fingers. Well I am off to clean some more.
hockey awards tonight. We have one winning an award so camera is charging.
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