Monday, March 15, 2010

I love this picture it looks like a river but it is only my pond.
I have decided I need to find time during the day to write a post as I am way too tired at night. Last night was a long night. My husband woke up at seven fifteen headed out the door by eight pm. I then tried to get kids to bed, we did lunches, homework that was saved until the last few hours of spring Break. Then at twelve thirty am my husband phoned trouble with the truck...he then told me some long winded message to tell my oldest son. I then went and woke up my zombie son retold the message. And, all I received back was " I am so confused"... My husband then phoned back at two am to tell us he was back in town so oldest son had to go pick him up. They came home and had to get a tire off our other logging truck trailer. No easy task no light, no close tools, looking over their shoulders for bears. yes we are having trouble with bears. Then off back to the bush which is hours away. Take off a tire, put on a tire again no easy task no real tools, snow dark cold tired, pissed off. As of seven forty five my son was heading back into town and now has to go to work. Fun night and now we are all exhausted and in need of dire sleep.
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Anonymous said...

What a great photo. It does look like a river, I was trying to think 'where the heck is this photo' until I read your post. Weird how photos can be so deceiving. Poor Jord, now he has just that much more insight of how his dad manages to function 7 days a week! It will be a good taste of reasons why 'not' to go into the logging industry!
It was great seeing you (ever too brief) yesterday. I did manage to get home just in time for work though!
Love you lots.
PS..I think you may have sent up a bday prezzie however it has been confiscated and hidden from me!