Friday, March 26, 2010

Dancing on the roof. She is so not suppose to be up there.
Last night we went to Tanisha's grad hockey game. Grads against the police and Grads against the teachers. It looked like everyone was having a lot of fun.
Today again the day flew by. I spent a lot of it working on some papers on the computer. Then a quick trip to town. Now tonight I have two kids at sleep overs. I kid in Kamloops picking up our parts and going to a movie. And, me I am so heading to bed really soon. Tomorrow I will do a a quick clean up of the house. Then Sunday our to billets come from PEI for my daughters exchange. It will be a very busy week but my daughter is so excited.
I had a nice visit on the phone with both my sisters today. Now that was very special! With the internet and facebook we do not talk as often as we should. As we can keep up with what we are each doing everyday.
Today is my niece's birthday. I hope she had a wonderful birthday and that her day was soooo special. Love you Mandy
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Anonymous said...

I love this picture!
OOOh What a feelin'! Dancin' on the ceiling!!