Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We are heading down to another break for school. The kids get another week off for Easter Break. I am so looking forward to it. I just wish Nisha was going to be home and not traveling across Canada. I am sure she will love it but I worry about her going. We are on our third day of our two billets...hmmm not to sure what I think of teenage girls.
I had to head into town tonight for a teacher interview for my middle son. As I was driving into town all these thoughts about my parenting skills were coming to surface. Second guessing myself wonder if I am doing it right... a little too late as half my kids are grown up. I was feeling really quite upset about it all. Then I went into the classroom the teacher said some very nice things about my children and about our parenting. Telling me how we have done a good job and what very nice and wonderful children I have. I so needed to hear that. I couldn't even respond back just said thanks. So how come people, teachers think our home is okay, fun , full of adventure, great place to learn... but some others think it is too small, too many people, and the only good thing is my oldest son !!??? and they wish they were not staying here. How does one deal with that. When everything we do here in our home and our life is and has always revolved around kids. We truly thought we had done everything to make everyone feel at home, bought little gifts, new towels so no one has to use ours, nice clean bed, house clean, a lot of extra food we usually do not have...Sigh....I really only like my own.
Today was a much drier day here. Cool but good. Allan went to work tonight. Today or last night was very long for him. He did not get home until after two pm. He was so tired. He went to sleep pretty quick then he is off again tonight at seven pm.
I have spent most of day working on finishing touches on Nisha's transition plan for school. It is a book or type of scrapbook on her that she has to present to the school. It is time consuming but fun too.
I am waiting for Nisha and her two billets to come home they will not be here until eleven pm. They are in Kamloops watching a movie, visiting the mall and having supper out. Well I am off to tidy up for the night. Have a good night
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Gail said...

You do have wonderful children, don't doubt yourself. Some people you just can't please. I think you are great!