Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What a very beautiful morning here. I woke up around 5:40am and I could here birds singing in our front yard. They sounded so pretty. The night dropped down to -3 which is perfect for work. Then the sun was shining so beautiful this morning. And, with the trees coming into bud and the sun shining on them it was a picture made for fairy tales. So very, very pretty. The mountain up behind is way up behind us. Is so full of fresh thick snow and the sun is shining so nicely on it. It actually takes your breath away and one could look at it all day. I did hear on the news today we are in for snow. That does not surprise me, Easter weekend always seems to be so cold.
Down the road from us there is tow little boys who are friends with my Sam. They have a Momma cat with four or five kittens, she did not come in from being outside the other night. So now they have to feed the kittens every four hours. Poor little things or poor Momma cat. Some of our neighbors have had coyotes get their cats. It will be a full time job feeding those babies.
Well I must go and do some work I just wanted to tell you all what a beautiful day it is here today.

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