Saturday, March 27, 2010

An extremely busy day. I am very tired and I am so looking forward to bed time. We had a guy come at seven fifteen come to work on our truck and he was her until after one pm. I was getting ulcers waiting for him to leave. We seem to get up a bit on our bills and damn something else comes up. I am off to hunt for that lottery ticket. Maybe the Easter bunny will bring a winning ticket...
Tomorrow our billets come so we finished getting their bed ready, towels and a little gift for each of them. They must be excited they look quite young. It is going to be a full week of running around. The weather has turned quite windy actually very windy. It has also warmed up enough for it to thaw my under ground hose. This is all good. I just hope we can haul!
It seems lately the worry of work or being able to haul is over taking my life. That is all I seem to concentrate on. It feels like it is a night mare that won't go away. Eat just seems to eat away at me and I can not make it go away. Gosh it is a horrible feeling. I hate it. I know we are winning but we are running out of time. We figured out we have had to buy thirty two tires plus three full sets of tires in the last half of the year. And those are logging truck tires not car tires... Damn I should own a tire shop. Hmm what could I sell.
I have been trying to fit a few crafts in to my time in the evenings. I have been covering plastic eggs. I also set up and polished my spinning wheel and put some lovely bamboo on it.
Well I need to go to bed so I can wake up early and clean up after my kids. I hope you all have a wonderful night. Pleasant dreams
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