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Monday, March 15, 2010

This is fun a bit blurry because Lulu is just so fast. Spring break past in a blur way too fast and I am not happy about that. We have been having bear troubles again. Last night my kids were out back playing hockey and Miss Hyacinth was playing with the little dogs. When Hyacinth saw something right above them. She thought it was a beaver and it so looked like one. So she ran in to get me and all I could think " a beaver there is no water up there and I wonder what tree's it will eat" Meanwhile Sam our youngest runs up and is less than ten feet away from a bear. A young bear. It was acting very different I am wondering if it was sick. Very, Very thin bottom of his feet worn off. I do not like this way to weird, way too close. My little nephew were playing right near it earlier in the day and they are only four and five... not good way too close. Way too close for a very weird acting bear...
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Anonymous said...

Where does the time go- Spring Break was over way to soon

Anonymous said...

You need to be in our school district where we get 2 weeks off for spring break...and FALL BREAK! I think they just put most of the Pro D days squished in there.