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Sunday, May 06, 2007

A busy weekend over we had a birthday party, youngest son attended a birthday party, middle son slept over two nights at the neighbors and then went branding. My youngest son and youngest daughter went branding he liked she did not like. Youngest daughter had a girl sleep over then she slept over at her house then we had to pick her up she did not like the branding. My oldest son had a friend over for a sleepover, my oldest daughter reffed soccer and her boy friend visited he is here more than he is at home.My middle daughter just went with the flow. The point of all that was a lot of running around and coming and going. Do you think it will ever slow down?
My husband finished my sink in the office outside so I can go and do some dying if I ever get time to play that is. I am trying to talk him into a hot water tank but I am not winning on that yet.
We have a very busy week my oldest son has a Quebec exchange student coming for a week so it will be a lot of running around so they can participate with the rest of the class. I really hope to go to Fibrefest on the weekend but I won't get too excited until I am on route.
I am very tired this morning at 5am the phone rang and it was the wrong number which would not be a big deal except I had to convince her she had the wrong number then that was it I was wide awake and we had gone to bed quite late the night before so much for sleeping in. I actually can not remember when I last slept in. I am waiting for hot water so I can have a shower the kids were all so dirty they had to bath or shower and I have been outside all day and I can not go to bed like this way too dirty.
Well talk to you all soon have a good night.

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