Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It is funny I looked at the Blog and the last two posts are missing to bad they were good. I also think it has taken me back to the old blog and not using the new set up. My blog visits are at 1,926 with 3,321 page views Pretty cool. In the missing post I had told you our second little girl has arrived (she is another red but different curly fibre) alpaca. Very Cute!
As I sit here and write the sun is shining and I can hear baby birds we have a robin in a nest in the cherry tree in our front yard right beside the cherry tree.
Our bedroom is very close to being finished it looks nice now I just have to find a spot to put the stuff I do not want. Well I am going to run and I will see if this actually posts.

ps Yes it did save but also one of the missing post returned Ah.... don't you love computers.

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