Friday, May 04, 2007

We are through our 3rd birthday in a week, my youngest daughter just had her party and they seemed to have a lot of fun. I don't seem to be getting too much creative stuff done but I am dreaming of it.
My poor ole dog is getting so old she is acting quite tired I know she is not hurting but she is tired, I can not imagine my life without her. It breaks my heart to think of her dying she has been so unbelievable faithful, she is by my side the whole time I am outside always in my sight. She is a Border Collie and as you know they have to work and must kept busy. Several years ago on a hot summers day she was outside the gate at our back fence with a whole herd of goats I looked over and thought oh she brought the goats back form the field. That alone would be bad enough but when I looked they were not my goats they were the neighbors and I had more than a dozen milk goats waiting to come in. So I quickly called my kids and made them chase them back before the neighbors found out. I often wonder if they knew? Yeah she has been a fun dog.
Well I must go find a pillow I need to sleep. Have a good night.

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