Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A special day today
I usually do not use my children's names to give them privacy but my youngest daughter has a beautiful name and today she is 11 years old.
Happy birthday Hyacinth Elizabeth Fridel
It is unreal how fast the kids are growing up it is very scary.
Today our Quebec boy has arrived he must be very tired it is a long trip to come across Canada.
Not a lot is happening other than the usual but the usual is sure keeping me busy. Yesterday we dewormed some of our goats and one goat named Dora ate the needle so we grabbed her and tried to pull it out but it was gone then she started to move her neck up and down so I grabbed her again and the needle was in her mouth sticking out sharp end first one of my son's friends grabbed the needle while I held her. It was very dramatic moment but it all turned out well then she came back to eat the syringe then my book. We never have dull moment around here. I must go and cook my noodles.

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