Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Time is flying it is nearly June and Oh my goodness where did the school year go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The days go by so quickly before you know it it is time for evening chores and getting ready for bed.
I went to our Spinning meeting today but I did not take my wheel just stopped to say Hi and pay for my retreat spot in October. I had wished I had taken my spinning wheel though but I have to use my time wisely I did however take my knitting and asked a few questions. I am knitting the most lovely shawl, plain just a knit stitch which is fine by me it is all the time I have but the fibre is gorgeous lovely silk wool and looped mohair and brushed mohair.
Tomorrow is another busy time my oldest son is in a fashion show, my oldest daughter is getting her hair cut and tells me she is going on a date tennis, dinner and fashion show. My youngest son is off to the fish hatchery to release their Salmon they hatched. Must run talk to you all later

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