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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I dyed my first skein today but my heart is just not in it, it is cold dreary and we need some sunshine. I dyed the skein red not too exciting but it is a start I am not sure why I am dragging my feet but I am.
I received my papers from the Canadian goat society my herd name is Cream Of the Crop Angoras it is kinda funny I had that name since 1996 and didn't even know they kept it. Now I have to get a herd transfer done and there is a young buck that needs to be registered.
I hope to start in my green house tomorrow I was going to start tonight but it is so cold I am sure it is going to freeze so I will wait a day or so.
I received in the mail my wheel magazine it is quite a good one I will enjoy reading it tonight when I go to bed.
My middle son's school was evacuated today a young girl who has an oxygen tank and it was leaking so the fire alarm was set then another alarm went off and the fire department came. It was really cold outside for the kids and they had to leave everything behind and come home with nothing, way too much excitement. Well I must run there still seems to be kids running around this house and it is getting way to late.

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