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Monday, May 14, 2007

Today I have been dyeing it still is trial and error for me it is harder than it looks to get those very cool colours. I have some very beautiful yarn from the Fibrefest it is really amazing what is out there.
My Alpaca's I am sure are pregnant they seem quite round now so I will keep you posted they sure are hard to tell. It will be very exciting our first Alpaca babies.
This week is crazy we have Exchange student leaving, birthday party tomorrow, track meet Wednesday, must try to get into town to help set up the grad, Thur. diploma night, Friday dance dry grad, this weekend my youngest son's birthday and our anniversary we will be married 19 years.
It is hard to believe 19 years the time has flown by I really don't think we have changed much maybe grown up together, some seem to think I haven't grown up but with six kids I can get away with being a kid Oh! make that a kid that rules this house:) which I should make sure everyone is in bed.

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