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Friday, May 25, 2007

In the last entry I wrote I was off to find a cup of tea it didn't happen as I was turning on the kettle I looked out the window and my Alpaca was having a baby. I was very excited I phoned my mom and off we went to watch. Another little girl was born so that makes two both red one with fuzzy fibre like a show dog and the new girl is a lot smaller and she has curly fibre quite different. We are so lucky to get two girls so we only wait on one more. Tonight I caught the smaller one and took her into my mom and dad's house, she visited at the logging truck so it was a good cuddle.
We lost our first Shetland sheep to bloat tonight we have clover in our field and damn it is hard to keep up on it. We had moved the sprinkler and all is well then 10 minutes later my husband came over and told me I had a dead sheep. It is a very painful death and it is horrible to watch you can try to help them some time you win and some time you don't.
I am half way painting our bedroom it will look nice if I ever get it done. Well off to bed have a good night.

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