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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Good Morning
I thought maybe I would write a moment now instead of night when the house is so busy and you may notice the posts have been choppy . The reason is I usually have 2 -3 kids telling stories, asking questions, something hurts, and then I a tired.
Hi Jane it was nice to hear from you a quiet life, boring is very good sometimes. I do think our life gets a bit extreme but what do yo do there is not too much we could change and it is all good.
AS I look out the window I see sunshine and it is a good thing because it froze again last night you could tell it was so cold when I was doing the pipes on the field and finishing up for the day.
I really need to get out and work on some rabbits so I hope to do a few today.
I am thinking of joining in with my neighbor and sending my wool off to Alberta this year so I am going to look into that today too. Well I must run and scoop the shower before the next child gets up :) Have a wonderful day.

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