Friday, May 11, 2007

Today we hauled three loads of hay doesn't sound like much but it takes up a good chunk of the day. This is just a quick note to day I am off to Fibrefest tomorrow if all goes as planned I do hope I get to go it is fun. I like to look at all the colours and see anything new and I really don't talk to anyone all day because I don't know anyone down there but still it is fun. My husband is awesome he drives me down to Abbostford 21/2 hours or so away over a mountain highway and he waits for me until I am done he keeps himself busy looking at motorbike stores, trailers for the logging truck etc. I am to much of chicken to drive myself there.
My son and his billet have to be at the school for 6:30 am to go the coast and he will arrive home at 11pm so we will go on after we drop them off. So have a good night take care.

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Laura said...

Wow you do have a great husband! I know my husband would NOT have the patience to WAIT all that time. He's good about saying "let's go to the yarn shop" but he doesn't understand that once I get there I would like to spend some time looking around!! hehe Have a safe trip and have fun!

The pictures of your children lately are so beautiful. So many happy birthdays and so many new farm babies. Your renovations are so lovely too!! I know you must enjoy having everything seem like new! :)