Thursday, May 31, 2007

Good Bye Baby Girl

Good Bye Poppy I love you
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Today was a different type of day my very faithful actually unbelievable faithful dog past away today. It was quite sad she was so faithful tome she would not let herself die, for many many years she has been two steps behind me so close I would run into her or bump her. All day I kept thinking I should go check her or look out the window to see if I could see her. My daily routines are so lonely now because she could not follow me the last few days and I think it broke her heart. Since the day my dad got sick which must be 4 years ago we have gone over to Mom and Dad's for coffee every morning together. It is terribly sad. We have other dogs and I love them all too but Poppy was mine all mine she hated any man that would come by me however she was fine with family. I truly do not know how it will be without her.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Time is flying it is nearly June and Oh my goodness where did the school year go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The days go by so quickly before you know it it is time for evening chores and getting ready for bed.
I went to our Spinning meeting today but I did not take my wheel just stopped to say Hi and pay for my retreat spot in October. I had wished I had taken my spinning wheel though but I have to use my time wisely I did however take my knitting and asked a few questions. I am knitting the most lovely shawl, plain just a knit stitch which is fine by me it is all the time I have but the fibre is gorgeous lovely silk wool and looped mohair and brushed mohair.
Tomorrow is another busy time my oldest son is in a fashion show, my oldest daughter is getting her hair cut and tells me she is going on a date tennis, dinner and fashion show. My youngest son is off to the fish hatchery to release their Salmon they hatched. Must run talk to you all later

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It is funny I looked at the Blog and the last two posts are missing to bad they were good. I also think it has taken me back to the old blog and not using the new set up. My blog visits are at 1,926 with 3,321 page views Pretty cool. In the missing post I had told you our second little girl has arrived (she is another red but different curly fibre) alpaca. Very Cute!
As I sit here and write the sun is shining and I can hear baby birds we have a robin in a nest in the cherry tree in our front yard right beside the cherry tree.
Our bedroom is very close to being finished it looks nice now I just have to find a spot to put the stuff I do not want. Well I am going to run and I will see if this actually posts.

ps Yes it did save but also one of the missing post returned Ah.... don't you love computers.

Friday, May 25, 2007

In the last entry I wrote I was off to find a cup of tea it didn't happen as I was turning on the kettle I looked out the window and my Alpaca was having a baby. I was very excited I phoned my mom and off we went to watch. Another little girl was born so that makes two both red one with fuzzy fibre like a show dog and the new girl is a lot smaller and she has curly fibre quite different. We are so lucky to get two girls so we only wait on one more. Tonight I caught the smaller one and took her into my mom and dad's house, she visited at the logging truck so it was a good cuddle.
We lost our first Shetland sheep to bloat tonight we have clover in our field and damn it is hard to keep up on it. We had moved the sprinkler and all is well then 10 minutes later my husband came over and told me I had a dead sheep. It is a very painful death and it is horrible to watch you can try to help them some time you win and some time you don't.
I am half way painting our bedroom it will look nice if I ever get it done. Well off to bed have a good night.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My goodness this week is going by fast. I am painting my room which is crazy very poor lighting maybe it is the colour I picked but it is like someone keeps turning off the lights, so it is slow going. I am putting in a new rock garden in between painting I do a bit on one and then move onto the next.

My knitting and anything wool is definitely on the back burner but not forgotten, I get an urge to spin so soon I will pull it out. My son got a call from his Quebec exchange student and when he was her in BC he must have broke his wrist skate boarding so he now has it all casted up at least he won't forget his trip:)

Well off to find a cup of tea then to check the paint. Have a nice afternoon.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Okay, to my family I edited my blog about the stress and headaches it is all good and yes it has been a busy crazy last few weeks. School this morning everyone went and cell phones were left on the counter no family needs 849 text messages. Today is beautiful the sun is shining and even though it froze last night it has warmed up quite nicely I think I may go out and do a little gardening before I have to run to town. My friend gave me two twisted willow cuttings, some tomatoes plants, and some herbs so I need to go find something to share she loves the Honey- suckle so I will try to get a clipping for her.
I must run so I can head outside for a bit. Have a great day.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

It has been a long weekend I have been walking around with a huge headache for three days add I swear it is stress sometimes I can feel my blood boil. I need things to slow down and we need space and quiet time. Like that will ever happen. Our daughter looked beautiful and she was very excited and is having a good time tomorrow we will end the celebration with a family dinner.
Tomorrow is my youngest son's birthday he is going to be 9 years old he is getting so big, he is excited and he is lovely to watch.
Enjoy your long weekend take time for some quiet time.

Grad Ceremony Night

Our oldest daughter won a $1000.00 scholarship plus she had already won a $500.00 Minor Hockey scholarship.
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Grad Night 2007
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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This weekend is Graduation and our oldest daughter is graduating. It is very exciting and very hard to believe.
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The track meet day was very windy a little cool but a lot of fun ! My youngest son was allowed to go he is only in grade 3 but he was allowed to run with the Grade Fours.

My youngest daughter was a bundle of nerves but she also did real well.

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This pictures doesn't show how tiny she is.
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Guess what we got today a little tiny girl. She is very cute and scared of her own shadow.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another party under our belt we are ticking off the things now into track meet and then grad. Today was a very beautiful day I think it may have been our warmest but I was told tonight that on Sunday it is suppose to get down in the minus's... Why not.
I am in the process of getting my room ready to paint I would like to start it this weekend but for some reason it seems over whelming.
Well not to much to write or maybe I am just too tired to think. Have a wonderful night and talk to you all soon.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Today I have been dyeing it still is trial and error for me it is harder than it looks to get those very cool colours. I have some very beautiful yarn from the Fibrefest it is really amazing what is out there.
My Alpaca's I am sure are pregnant they seem quite round now so I will keep you posted they sure are hard to tell. It will be very exciting our first Alpaca babies.
This week is crazy we have Exchange student leaving, birthday party tomorrow, track meet Wednesday, must try to get into town to help set up the grad, Thur. diploma night, Friday dance dry grad, this weekend my youngest son's birthday and our anniversary we will be married 19 years.
It is hard to believe 19 years the time has flown by I really don't think we have changed much maybe grown up together, some seem to think I haven't grown up but with six kids I can get away with being a kid Oh! make that a kid that rules this house:) which I should make sure everyone is in bed.

You will find treasures in our house in every corner.
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My oldest son took these photo's up at Grouse Mountain. Doesn't he look so cuddly and cute.
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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hi we are home it was fun it is amazing to see all the beautiful colours I think that is my favorite part. I was also quite amazed how many people I knew I was nice to see the different people from different retreats and shows. We left home by 5:40 am to get my son and his billet to the High school then we too went on our way. My oldest has me worried he keeps getting very bad nose bleeds this week it has been a crazy week for him no down time I can handle a lot of things but my kids not well finishes me.
Tomorrow is mothers day so everyone have a wonderful day we are off to Kamloops to buy the last minute grad stuff we need and parts for the logging truck.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Today we hauled three loads of hay doesn't sound like much but it takes up a good chunk of the day. This is just a quick note to day I am off to Fibrefest tomorrow if all goes as planned I do hope I get to go it is fun. I like to look at all the colours and see anything new and I really don't talk to anyone all day because I don't know anyone down there but still it is fun. My husband is awesome he drives me down to Abbostford 21/2 hours or so away over a mountain highway and he waits for me until I am done he keeps himself busy looking at motorbike stores, trailers for the logging truck etc. I am to much of chicken to drive myself there.
My son and his billet have to be at the school for 6:30 am to go the coast and he will arrive home at 11pm so we will go on after we drop them off. So have a good night take care.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Today was a lot warmer my dad's chicks arrived so I went to town to pick them up they are rather cute. My angora goat is getting to close to kidding so I hope I am home for that. I am also still not too sure if my Alpaca's are going to have one day I say yes they are another day I don't think they are going to have but tonight I think the white will have :) It is a good thing I am not a vet!
I think next weekend I will turn the goats out for the first time to the pasture I hope there will be enough grass for them. I am going to have to be creative in feeding them so I can keep that many but I am a little worried about it. It is frustrating I finally get the herd I have been dreaming of and now I have to worry about keeping them. Well I must run to bed have a good night.

These pictures were taken out in our front yard. It is a sad day when my16 year old son has to show me how to run my camera.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Very Beautiful Birthday Girl!
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This added some excitement to the party.
A special day today
I usually do not use my children's names to give them privacy but my youngest daughter has a beautiful name and today she is 11 years old.
Happy birthday Hyacinth Elizabeth Fridel
It is unreal how fast the kids are growing up it is very scary.
Today our Quebec boy has arrived he must be very tired it is a long trip to come across Canada.
Not a lot is happening other than the usual but the usual is sure keeping me busy. Yesterday we dewormed some of our goats and one goat named Dora ate the needle so we grabbed her and tried to pull it out but it was gone then she started to move her neck up and down so I grabbed her again and the needle was in her mouth sticking out sharp end first one of my son's friends grabbed the needle while I held her. It was very dramatic moment but it all turned out well then she came back to eat the syringe then my book. We never have dull moment around here. I must go and cook my noodles.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

A busy weekend over we had a birthday party, youngest son attended a birthday party, middle son slept over two nights at the neighbors and then went branding. My youngest son and youngest daughter went branding he liked she did not like. Youngest daughter had a girl sleep over then she slept over at her house then we had to pick her up she did not like the branding. My oldest son had a friend over for a sleepover, my oldest daughter reffed soccer and her boy friend visited he is here more than he is at home.My middle daughter just went with the flow. The point of all that was a lot of running around and coming and going. Do you think it will ever slow down?
My husband finished my sink in the office outside so I can go and do some dying if I ever get time to play that is. I am trying to talk him into a hot water tank but I am not winning on that yet.
We have a very busy week my oldest son has a Quebec exchange student coming for a week so it will be a lot of running around so they can participate with the rest of the class. I really hope to go to Fibrefest on the weekend but I won't get too excited until I am on route.
I am very tired this morning at 5am the phone rang and it was the wrong number which would not be a big deal except I had to convince her she had the wrong number then that was it I was wide awake and we had gone to bed quite late the night before so much for sleeping in. I actually can not remember when I last slept in. I am waiting for hot water so I can have a shower the kids were all so dirty they had to bath or shower and I have been outside all day and I can not go to bed like this way too dirty.
Well talk to you all soon have a good night.

Friday, May 04, 2007

We are through our 3rd birthday in a week, my youngest daughter just had her party and they seemed to have a lot of fun. I don't seem to be getting too much creative stuff done but I am dreaming of it.
My poor ole dog is getting so old she is acting quite tired I know she is not hurting but she is tired, I can not imagine my life without her. It breaks my heart to think of her dying she has been so unbelievable faithful, she is by my side the whole time I am outside always in my sight. She is a Border Collie and as you know they have to work and must kept busy. Several years ago on a hot summers day she was outside the gate at our back fence with a whole herd of goats I looked over and thought oh she brought the goats back form the field. That alone would be bad enough but when I looked they were not my goats they were the neighbors and I had more than a dozen milk goats waiting to come in. So I quickly called my kids and made them chase them back before the neighbors found out. I often wonder if they knew? Yeah she has been a fun dog.
Well I must go find a pillow I need to sleep. Have a good night.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Good Morning
I thought maybe I would write a moment now instead of night when the house is so busy and you may notice the posts have been choppy . The reason is I usually have 2 -3 kids telling stories, asking questions, something hurts, and then I a tired.
Hi Jane it was nice to hear from you a quiet life, boring is very good sometimes. I do think our life gets a bit extreme but what do yo do there is not too much we could change and it is all good.
AS I look out the window I see sunshine and it is a good thing because it froze again last night you could tell it was so cold when I was doing the pipes on the field and finishing up for the day.
I really need to get out and work on some rabbits so I hope to do a few today.
I am thinking of joining in with my neighbor and sending my wool off to Alberta this year so I am going to look into that today too. Well I must run and scoop the shower before the next child gets up :) Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My husband cleaning out the goat pen it is a very smelly job.

I was having Happy Birthday sung to me, we had just come back from soccer and we were cold and wind burned. By the time we were finished singing we all were laughing so hard and I can't even remember why.
I dyed my first skein today but my heart is just not in it, it is cold dreary and we need some sunshine. I dyed the skein red not too exciting but it is a start I am not sure why I am dragging my feet but I am.
I received my papers from the Canadian goat society my herd name is Cream Of the Crop Angoras it is kinda funny I had that name since 1996 and didn't even know they kept it. Now I have to get a herd transfer done and there is a young buck that needs to be registered.
I hope to start in my green house tomorrow I was going to start tonight but it is so cold I am sure it is going to freeze so I will wait a day or so.
I received in the mail my wheel magazine it is quite a good one I will enjoy reading it tonight when I go to bed.
My middle son's school was evacuated today a young girl who has an oxygen tank and it was leaking so the fire alarm was set then another alarm went off and the fire department came. It was really cold outside for the kids and they had to leave everything behind and come home with nothing, way too much excitement. Well I must run there still seems to be kids running around this house and it is getting way to late.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

We are still setting up a utility sink it seems to be a very slow process. I guess that is because we are multi tasking and trying to do to much. We have been letting the Alpaca boys out in our front property then we put them back in their pen and let the horse out it seems to be working good then they get some grass and not so much hay. The new goats are starting to tame down still not sure of me but some are coming up and they sure do love grain.
Our head count is now 41 Angora goats, 7 sheep, 1 horse, 1 mule, 1 donkey, 25 chickens, 1 duck, 1 Emu, 1 pot belly pig,2 pink pigs, 5 Alpaca. 1 llama, 3 cows, 3 cats, 1 wild cat, 10 dogs, 35 rabbits, 1 parrot, 1 hamster, and several fish. So how much hay do think I will need?
I really love to spend time outside and watch the animals they all have so much character everyone has there own unique personality. I love to sit out with the goats we have one little baby who is so bad she bites our pants, the back of our boots, and paws us she is the goat who is always in the feeder and she is still really tiny.
Some of our fruit trees are in blossom and they smell so good I will be out watering and every now and then a nice smells comes through.
Have a wonderful day tomorrow take the time to enjoy the changes of the season smell the blossoms, hear the birds and enjoy the tulips and hyacinths.