Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hi a busy day we had here. Today I worked the whole day outside first by trying to find sand and dirt to put on our horrible driveway which is a sheet of thick ice. It is absolutely crazy out there. Then I clipped 7 Angora rabbits, cleaned cages cleaned out rabbit house, had a goat delivered to be bred with my buck. Then it was off to hockey 4 hours now we are home and my children are not looking to sleepy.
My husband is not home from taking our truck to Kamloops to get fixed something to do with a Piston if the logging truck has one of those and it was more serious than he thought which it must be if it after ten and he still is not here yet.
I have finished another Poncho this one is the yellow wool in thick and thin and mohair with orange trim very warm and pretty cool.
I love bribery making deals whatever works with a 16 year old boy. My oldest son would like to a going back party down the road tomorrow afternoon so all homework must be done and his room spotless clean enough for company. So guess what he is doing... He is cleaning his bedroom right now, he is loud keeps talking to me but he is cleaning :) Oh happy day.....
Anyway must run have a great night

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