Monday, January 22, 2007

I love my new camera I have taken 470 photo's of only three of my hockey players and that is only one ice time each. It has this great button for sports you can just click away so much fun. The funny thing my oldest son saw or actually ordered me to take pictures and he was posing. I even caught it on film when he lost his temper and broke his stick over the net so I took it for evidence when he wants a new stick.
I was sitting in the arena waiting for a game to start and AYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! I forgot my knitting how can anyone sit for 2 hours and not do anything so I quickly phoned home and asked my oldest daughter to get my latest project and put it into the van, my husband was on route home to exchange children. In to the arena comes my husband with a white knitting bag, wool, cookies to go with the bright pink "to Go" cup with hot chocolate for me . Yup he must love me. However in the mean time I started to crochet a thing you where on your head over your ears out of silk and cashmere.
Today it was melting all day sun shining but a cold wind I guess we will wait and see what tomorrow will bring. Tomorrow Grad pictures for my oldest daughter so I will drive her into town in the morning. Today I also had to drive the children in for dentist appointments they started before school.

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Anonymous said...

Good morning Gig,
Your husband is so sweet! Even after a long day of work and no sleep he still manages to find time to keep his wife happy with a pink mug of hot choc. Did he happen to bake the cookies as well?!
You have been taking some great photos. Put up a picture of the kids playing hockey, preferably not one of your boy breaking his stick on the net.
Have a great day. Talk to you soon. Love Mandy