Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Not too much going on here other than the usual rat race. The days blend with routine. It is quite amazing how fast days go my day flies by and before you know it, it is after school time and then hockey. I will say I am looking forward to hockey slowing down in a few months but at the same time I should not wish my time away .
I am starting an Angora shawl it is beautiful wool it is pure white and I would like to add either lace ribbon or beads to it but I am not sure if I can figure out how to do that. I am a long way from figuring that out yet. It is not the best project to work on at the arena I really should have just a simple project because there is so much distraction. For instance trying to stay awake until 10 -11 at night so I can drive home :)
My oldest daughter is graduating this year so we are now getting into gear for a grad dress anyone who has shopped with her will know I need good thoughts, prayers, pitty, shopping with her is a long haul picky, picky, picky... Maybe my sisters will come do this. Then they have the Grad jackets etc which they all hate but they still are ordering them go figure. Grad photo's next week she tells me she heard it is around $200.00, Wal mart is only a few dollars but no one heard me. I will keep you posted in the Grad run it starts real soon. I must run and find more kids for the breakfast table. Have a Great day

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