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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Years

Happy New Year to you all

What a wonderful holiday one sure could get use to this quieter way of life. However it is not meant to be back to schedules, running and day books. We had a nice New Years some of the children stayed up until 2 am 3 am and slept in until 10:30 am. As you tell by the time of this post I can not sleep. I went to bed by 9pm and I was awake by 11:30 to my very obnoxious dogs fighting, barking, crying AYYYYYYY!!!! Good thing they are cute. So I had to get up go outside and bring them in and try to keep them quiet so they would not wake anyone up. So now I am wide awake had a cup of tea and did a load of laundry, sent some photo's to my mom, started to make a online book through Walmart with my photo's, cleaned my desk, made a grocery list and a to do list for morning. On the knitting front I finished a hat made out of chenille(not sure on that spelling) finished my scarf and gave it to my mom, so now just a few more unfinished projects and then I am sure I will start a new one. Anyways must be off take care.

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