Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A big day in our household today and I don't think the children even know it. My oldest daughter writes her Grade 12 English Provincial Exam today this is the one we have worried about since grade 7 middle school. She is a wonderful girl tries hard, neat work, gives it all she's got and always sees the brighter end of things , the silver lining. However she struggles with a few learning issues not that anyone would notice but it is there. She has to work harder than anyone to pull off the marks but she does it. And am I worried... Yes and no, her teachers think she will do it pass she thinks she is "so ready for this" so I just go with the flow. She woke up when our alarms go off mine 5:45 am and hers 5:50 am and she tells me " Ayyy I could not sleep last night I have been awake since dad left" not good. Worse thing she might a have to redo it but for it would be devastation she wants to be like everyone else and in truth she is no different than any of them (her friends). We will not know till June if she passes or fails but her teachers will be able to look at it and get an idea.
So I wish her good luck I hope she will do well and put this behind her and move on... Next driving lessons start in February

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Anonymous said...

AHHH NAN! I am crossing my fingers for her too! Goodness me, I am glad I don't have to worry about exams. Now all I have to worry about is sending people on holiday to Maui. If anyone wants to visit Maui check out www.mauiholiday.com How is that for a subtle plug? =)
Thanks for updating. It was getting to be too many days passing by before I got a glimpse into your life.
I will talk to you in the am Gig. Miss you lots. Love Liselle