Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tomorrow we are deworming, separating, trimming hooves and it is suppose to be cold. We are going to get the lambing and kidding barn ready only half of it is going to be used the other half is full of hay. Some of the girls are starting to bag up and they still have a full month to go.
Some big changes are being done at Sunflower farm later this spring it will happen more towards the late Spring to early summer. After all lambing and kidding we are selling off most of the sheep I will keep the Shetlands and maybe on or two more. The Cashmere are being sold with the exception of one that my middle son gets to pick. This is in preparation for some new Angora goats I am purchasing later on.
I am also thinking about maybe buying a drum carder but that is only in the thought process. So there is a lot to think about but mainly just waiting. I hate to wait and I am very impatient.
This weekend is crazy busy three tournaments all in different towns and different parts of the province, plus three Play off rep games, three time keeping jobs and one reffing job, and last but not least my middle daughters regular ice time. So please remind how much I love hockey

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