Monday, February 05, 2007

Today my oldest son leaves for Amqui Quebec on a "Y" exchange with his school with other children taking French. He will be gone a week and they have a disgusting long trip ahead of them with the school bus ride, long flights, change over it all ends after an 8 hour bus ride. I really hate it I don't want him to go but I do know he will have fun get to see other parts of Canada.
Um did I mention he can't speak FRENCH he took French in school but just did what he had to pass:)I am proud of him I would never do this I could not stay at someone's house I do not know and especially not speaking the same language.
However I noticed the red neck was creeping out of him when he put duct tape on his suit case over a label with Saran wrap so he knows it is his.
A crazy fast weekend we did not stop for two minutes but the kids had fun and they all made it home safe.
In the knitting department I am still torturing my Angora Shawl I am going to finish it and I know the end result will be nice. I do think I should only knit with that beautiful yarn at home. I received my new Lions brand cataloug it is lovely to look at it. I have never ordered I was always hold back having to order out of Canada but I am sure it is easier than I think. I really do love the organic natural cotton. Go check out their web sight just Google it.

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