Friday, February 23, 2007

My scenic route strikes again. I have been waiting for Weeks and for my Internet man to get hold of me finally after many long days waiting for the call he calls this morning. I answer the phone and phone battery is dead not a problem pick up the other phone dying... with our phones no second chance they just stop these are the phones that batteries last for three days or more. So I have to phone him back on our fax machine not near the computer and it is attached to the wall. I am scared to hang up in case it takes weeks to get hold of him again. Then I have to go back to the computer to retrieve some info for him and my machine is doing a scan and it is slower than molasses. Sometimes it is so frustrating. So all of this is leading to my web page being available in a few weeks. I also was setting up pay pal at my friends last weekend and we did not read through it all, they phone after you have signed in but of course I was not home and it was after 10pm and no would answer the phone at home and I could not confirm through e-mail because I was not home... When will I learn
I will keep you posted on the web page. I am waiting on some yarn from my Fibre mill and I am quite excited about it, it is from my Alpaca's. I am going to try to get some time to dye some different rovings that will also be available. Anyway talk to you all soon

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