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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I love Technology it is amazing I just found out I can text message from home on our computer how cool is that. We do not have cell service out here. I text my son in Van. Airport and he sent me two photo's of him and some of the other children going on the trip. The poor kid has been sick I picked him up at lunch time took him to buy a cord for his Ipod, long johns, and took him to Tim Hortens he has a huge head ache and terrible stomach ache. I do hope it is only nerves then it will pass and not the flue but he was not well on the weekend. He drank pepto bismo ate ginger gravel and tylenol. He has phoned us 6 times and about 6 text messages. He phoned about 5:30 am our time he was walking off the plane.
He just phoned again right now he is on the bus and has no clue where he is they went to McDonald and chickened out to order so he got a girl to order for him. I told him I thought McDonald was the same all over the world he should have memorized the menu before he left.
My children are not great world travelers if they do travel usually there is a hockey stick and puck attached and it is within a three hour limit from home or they are with family. It is very hard on my nerves.
Tomorrow I am off to town early to pick a large bag of kid mohair and then I am going to sort it to send off to the Mill. Don't look for me tonight NO HOCKEY with my son away I get a day off, I have a hand ball game to attend then I am home. To bed early tonight I am exhausted and that means I will not sleep. Have a great day

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