Thursday, January 18, 2007

Isn't it good to accomplish a lot in a day. The last two days have been busy I have had supper cooked and ready to eat by 4pm as soon as the children get off the bus they can eat, the house is clean, outside chores are done , back deck is full of wood. The lunches ready and I have even had 5 minutes each to use my loom no more than that because I can't sit still for very long. The really cool thing is everyday when I get up I get to do to all over again. Why because some how my house gets in a disaster zone when I am out of the house every night! Go Figure!
I have done the concession three times in less than a week I always seem to be filling in for someone, so not too much knitting going on. I am working on a shawl which I am having a great time screwing up all the time. I can't seem to do it right and it is not hard I am blaming cold hands which makes me loose my stitches.
My middle son brought home a certificate for being on the Principals list so it has the honors of being on the fridge. One man at the arena told me he hangs all his (two kids) certificates on the wall at his home. Oh my gosh if I did that we would need our own hall just for those. I do display them until the next ones come in.
Every thing is rather peaceful in the Barn yard (I hope I have not jinxed myself) now that my ram is moved out to the far side of the property life is rather peaceful however; I have not gone out yet he may be running around the property when I go check :)
I hope everyone is well enjoy the day.

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