Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Just a quick note to check in a busy day here today I am suppose to be off spinning today, school meeting for my middle son's school learning agenda then a full evening of hockey. I find it hard to head into to town and be there for the day.
Yesterday was dreary it was like night time an unreal amount of wind and rain it is crazy how the weather is jumping around. On the way to the school bus down at our neighbors a huge tree broke off landed across the road a green tree not bug kill. So we were quite clever to get around it my poor van didn't quite like that 4 wheeling part off to the side in the snow. The wind was so bad very unnerving my youngest daughter was up most of the night scared and would not go to school I tried to make light of it but that is hard to do when the tree's are leaning, blowing and crashing.
In my barn area I have the Angora goats, sheep and Cashmere goats all separated into different pens sometime yesterday they broke one of the gates down either the sheep were rubbing on it or the ram was fighting through the fence and it had landed on my young Angora buck I bought last fall and he was stuck under the gate in all the rain snow and wind. I heard crying I went to look and ran to help him he had been there awhile he had trouble standing and looked pretty sad when I put him in the barn. So now today I should go give him some medicine and hope he is okay.

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