Friday, January 19, 2007

The sun was shining so beautiful so my dog and I went for a walk and it was very cold, a very cool wind. It was nice to go outside for a walk instead of just to work not that I consider my chores work it is just that I sit so many nights in an arena I will be buggered if I start gaining weight. Tonight there is 5 ice times and guess who has them all...It would be wonderful to get a lot of knitting but damn I get side tracked my mind wanders, I veg into space. It is the darn purl stitch I hate it and on my shawl the row back is a purl stitch. It truly drives me crazy:)
All is well here not too much new, our weather has warmed up and I have pussy willows on my tree out back they are absolutely lovely maybe I will photo them for you all to see.
I am planning my spring projects when my dad goes for a trip to Bridge Lake I am planting trees along our drive way...What a great surprise. Anyone who doesn't know I am being sarcastic he hates it when I get new projects going but I really believe he actually likes them but just grumbles. I am also in need of new goat feeders and grain feeders so I must look into that too.
This Spring Lambing and Kidding will start in the beginning of March I would of bet a million dollars I had thought it to April. So I must get the barn ready for that too. Every spring I watch these movies on lambing to get myself ready for any troubles we try to not have to call the vet and between the children and I we are pretty good saved a few babies, fixed a few pro-lapse, pulled a few. Must run talk to you all soon.

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