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Friday, January 05, 2007

My van is need of work something to do with a water pump, gaskets, in-takes and out-takes and to make a long story short they need it for two days and how am suppose to haul 6 darling children around with NO VAN...Men!!!!! My van is having a horrible shaking issue with it's motor.
Today I managed to get two more rabbits done and I counted and I think I still have ten more to do. Way too many rabbits. My visiting goats left today and their owner gave us a lovely box of chocolate coated Macadamia nuts from Australia they are very good.
We are on our last tournament then all three will be done so we have a full weekend ahead of a lot of traveling quite far in different directions for games tournaments and time keeping.
Today we separated the sheep from the goats just to analyze see who is eating well and grain them for a bit. However I bet the weather changes and I will have to put them all back. I think as soon as my oldest son comes home from hockey after this weekend we will be moving the ram I can't feed by myself I have to go through the pen and the kids will all be back in school. All though the process of moving the sheep the ram got called many, many, names and I threatened to mount him in m,y Living room poor guy he probably does not even know he is awful.
Anyways off to bed talk to you all soon

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